CTH-8550 Setup Question


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Dec 22, 2015
I just picked up 2nd hand CTH-8550 that has literally just been serviced by Dartzeel. Wanted to get a feel for the Dartzeel sound in my setup. Either I’ll be happy or this was a big mistake for my wallet as will want to go for the separates.

In any case, I am moving from a mostly headphone setup and rebuilding my 2 channel setup. So my question is: I want to use the cth-8550 as preamp and output to my headphone amp(s). I plugged rca from the output on ctr-8550 to headphone amp to no effect/sound. I know I can set the CTH-8550 into preamp mode only (which I haven’t tried) and I assume will work. But I am used to outputs just being always on. Is that the only option to set cth-8550 in preamp only? Or is there some setting I am missing?

If someone could help and let me know when the output rcas are active or how to set them active. Oh, one other idea was to use the record outs rcas and set cth-8550 to output what I am listening to that, but really curious out the “normal” output rcas.

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