Demo XXIII - Any Suggestions ?

They finally released this (on vinyl a few days ago) so I'm holding out for it showing up on Qobuz. Full album was posted on his Youtube account at least.

I've been enjoying this track off one of the few planned releases that made it out this year.

P.S. I do think Polo & Pan (festival music) would be an odd choice for this year if that makes any difference in your selection criteria.
I am a HUGE Polo & Pan fan; and consume their music frequently, a nice lift whenever you need a pick-me-up. Great sounding as well.
Hey Philip, i've been a slacker on this. latest Blake Mills album is one of the best out there and very well recorded. Half a dozen tracks could be on a demo. Here's the first music video.

Waxahatchee could be my album of the year - not as well recorded as the first but surprisingly decent.

Lapsley is some modern female vocals with electronica

If you want to hear some weird stuff, check out Beatrice Dillon "Workaround 3" on Tidal (no YouTube).

If you want to hear some weirder stuff, check out the Nicholas Lens & Nick Cave on DG:

And for the holidays, A Very Chilly Christmas is great :)

I'm a great admirer of Chilly Gonzales - thanks.

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