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I would like to introduce this documentary called Dennis and Lois. As many of you know my youngest son is in the film industry and for the past 6 years has been working on this documentary that was accepted for viewing at next week's New York City Doc Film Festival. It screens on Wed Nov 14 around noon and the official screening for the press will be Thursday evening at 945 PM with a post showing party.

For those of you in and around the New York area, I will be in NYC from Nov 13-17 and if any are available to come to either of the screenings, I will be there and would love to meet you.

Along with a very good friend of my son the two of them spent over 6 years filming and editing. I have yet to see the documentary but if you Google Dennis and Lois you will see that the two are legendary across two continents and have a remarkable story to tell. They helped to make The Ramones

I hope to se some of you locals there
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We just got home from a quick 5 day trip to NYC where we attended the gala premier showing of my son's documentary "Dennis and Lois" at the DOC NYC Film Festival where it was fortunate to have been selected to screen twice during the festival

This was a 6 1/2 year project by my son and his Cassidy a good friend of his who had shot over 550 hours of footage over several years as he followed this strange, quirky but very lovable couple who at the age of 72 have spent their lives following their favorite put rock groups across the USA and over 100 times to Manchester England. It all started in the late 60's and continues until present day. It was Dennis and Lois who put the Ramones on the map

This film was a well kept secret by my son because even though we knew he was devoting over 6 years of his time on the project, my wife and I never saw the film until the screening.

The theater was packed for both performances and many present were members of the bands that are seen in the documentary. I had the good fortune of meeting them all after the showing. This is a wonderful story that will have you smiling, yet at times leave you with a lumping your throat as it chronicles the lives of these two people who have attended over 10,000 concerts. It is a love story in many ways...the love of 2 people who shared a common interest and who have lived together for almost 50 years, yet they never married. It is a story of love of music and all of the memorabilia that they have collected over the years. Their LP collection was ginormous as was their memorabilia. They live in a house where every spot of space is filled with some memory of a concert that they attended. Tihe film was well received by critics. My son served as editor of the film as well as a Producer and extra cameraman, and his friend Chris Cassidy who shot the 550 hours served as Director, Editor and Producer. It was no small task reducing 550 hours of footage into an 85 minute documentary. There has been some talk that the doc may be acquired by Netflix. It is due to be shown soon in Los Angeles as well as other cities across the country along with a major debut in Manchester where Dennis and Lois are legends

Here are some of the reviews for which I have links

Of course I am biased in my opinions but reading the reviews I know I am not alone in my sentiments

Highly recommended

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