Diffusers in early reflection zone?

Scott W

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Apr 20, 2010
"The only reflection point that one could argue about would be the side walls, where the treatment of the side walls can be used as an 'imaging vs spaciousness controller'. Using absorption on the side walls audibly narrows the soundstage and improves imaging, leaving them reflective makes the sound wide but loses out on pinpoint imaging. Using a diffusor on the side walls is a reasonable compromise between the two approaches. So what you do with sidewalls is IMO personal preference related and depends on how you like your sound and what music you mostly listen to."

This is an excellent description of what is going on at point of first reflection. Since my room was addressed elsewhere for imaging my acoustician and I decided to leave point of first reflection bare wall. This gave me incredible spaciousness and depth. I know in the past I would rush to place absorption at point of first reflection so I was skeptical at first. I did come to realize that if the entire room acoustics are addressed and optimized that nothing at point of reflection can be the answer. For me it really was :)

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