DIY audio cables , your first or last one

Henri K.

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Jun 8, 2020
Just recently , friend gave me (for free :)) , mint , very little used early 90's Rotel combo . CD player RCD-945AX , Preamp/tuner RTC-940AX and RB-970BX power amp. Lucky streak continued - brother gave me his (also very little used) KEF Q90 speakers , which were stored in a closet for over 20 years . Those are at the moment having ferrofluid in tweeters replaced , so right now I'm using vintage Altec Lansing 75 speakers with Infinity sub woofer (given for free also:D) .
Rotel combo came with original cables , so I decided to make my first two pairs diy rca cables , cd to preamp , and pre to power amp .
In past , I was into tube gear then , I used cables from Tara Labs , Van Den Hul , XLO etc ...
Now , being on tight budget , I decided to buy Elecaudio RC-602 rca connectors and Canare L-4E6S star quad cable . Total price 20€ ( aprox. 22 USD) , for 1M pair ! And they work/"sound" great . On first photo are original cables and my diy ones , on second detail how I used plumbers teflon tape on side where shield is not connected to rca's .
So , what's your experience with first , or last DIY audio cables you made ?


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Apr 20, 2019
ive always used DIY neotech speaker cables in my system and have never tried others. since im building my new system i will be trying another DIY cable Ramm Amadeus 5 MK2. i dont think i will even solder the ends.

just found out delivery to Aus of these cables are a total rip
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