Does Anyone Understand the ELAC speaker designs that make them sound so competitive to Wilsons and Magicos (and even better than these at shows)?


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May 31, 2010
Anyone understand the design choices ELAC has made?

And I never heard either magico or wilson sound as good as ELAC at shows, although I have no doubt magico and wilson would be better in a perfect room. Andrew Jones constantly gets applause at his show demos.


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Jun 13, 2013
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Caesar, that was me...for the £400 B5.
With big Wilsons next door, Magicos and KEF Muons at the same show doing nothing to deserve the same.

Duke LeJeune

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Jul 22, 2013
Princeton, Texas
In my opinion, Andrew Jones does an exceptional job of getting the basics right.

And in my opinion, he doesn't compromise on the basics for the sake of the esoterics.

Stereophile has published measurements on three of Andrew Jones' Elac designs, three of his TAD designs, and one of his Pioneer designs. If you take a look, you'll see smooth frequency responses especially through the midrange and lower treble regions; generally well-behaved off-axis response, especially through that same region; and nothing exotic going on in the time domain (the step response reveals obvious arrival time differences between the drivers). Imo these are indications of an emphasis on "getting the basics right".

Andrew does one thing which is arguably somewhat esoteric: He often uses proprietary coaxial mid/tweet drivers, which have some inherent advantages over more conventional separate mid and tweet configurations. That being said, two of the Elac designs Stereophile reviewed are conventional two-ways, so imo his mojo is not so much in what parts he uses but in how he uses them.

If you want to have a highly successful loudspeaker company, the thing to do is kidnap Andrew Jones and throw him in a dungeon full of drivers and crossover parts. You probably wouldn't even have to lock the door.
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