Ethos at Sound By Singer on Thursday 13 Feb.

The Ethos is one open, marvelously detailed, and fresh-sounding unit that makes listening to music an absolute joy.
- Jason Victor Serinus, January 2020, Stereophile

Manhattan music lovers & audiophiles are in for a treat on Thursday evening from 5 PM to 9 PM at Sound By Singer when Philip O’Hanlon from On A Higher Note (Gryphon Audio Designs exclusive N.American importer) and Andrew Singer, (42 years proprietor of Sound By Singer ) will present the beautiful Ethos CD player & digital to analogue converter. The Ethos should really be called a CD turntable; this top loader is such a tactile experience in operation.
Most audiophiles have never heard a CD turntable of this caliber, it can upsample a CD to high-resolution PCM or DSD, with a choice of filters afterward to tailor the sound to the listener’s preference.
The sound quality put simply - is breathtaking. Put away all of your preconceptions, enjoy the music and allow this terrific system to transport you. It checks all the audiophile boxes, but adds an emotional involvement, a dash of realism to the musical performance. It suspends time and all is well with the universe.
Can a reference CD player compete with a similarly priced Record Player ?
CD versus the corresponding High-Resolution file ?

Not one to spoil the surprise, come by and hear for yourself.

Philip O’Hanlon will be spinning CDs and LPs mainly from his hand-curated Demo XXII; between the Irish whiskey, the terrific music and the camaraderie shared by music lovers, there should be plenty of warmth to heat up even the coolest of Manhattan evenings. It should be a lot of fun.

The rest of the system will comprise: The fabulous Gryphon Diablo 300 integrated amp, A marvelous Kronos pro-LE turntable mounted with a My Sonic Labs Eminent EX cartridge, All played through the amazing Stenheim Alumine five-speaker system. The system will be wired with analysis plus cables.

As space is limited, please RSVP to Sound By Singer at (212) 924-8600 or send an email to
Sound By Singer is located at 242 West 27’th Street, Second Floor
NY NY 10001

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