external microphone to android connection problem


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Mar 1, 2020
Hi to all! I am a teacher and I make short films every year with my students. I have a camera which unfortunately has no external microphone port. To get better sound in my movies, I decided to buy the rode videomic microphone this year and pair it with my android smartphone to get the sound and sync it at video editing. The extension cable I use with the microphone is the official that RODE sent me with the microphone. I also bought RODE's Sc4 trs to trrs adapter. Yesterday I took the microphone in my hands, did the “rode videomic + extension cable + sc4 + smartphone (xiaomi redmi note 5)” connection, did some testing and found a very serious problem. During the recording, the sound from the actors' conversations is fine, during the time, however, that there are no speeches in the recording - eg. ambient sound or when actors are walking - the mobile application causes distortion in the sound. Instant breaks. I tried with three android apps (Easy Voice Recorder, Hi-Q MP3 Recorder, RecForge II) and all the same problem. In all three applications I choose to get the sound from the main mobile microphone. How can I fix the problem? I begin to think that I paid the money for the microphone in vain. Thanks in advance.

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