For Sale: Furutech Receptacles, Covers and Wall Frames

Ron Resnick

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Jan 25, 2015
Beverly Hills, CA

11 - Furutech - 105-D NCF Neo Damper Improved Outlet Cover for GTX and FPX receptacles. Product #9090095, $220 each

8 - Furutech - GTX-DR NCF High-End Performance Duplex Receptacle (Pure Copper conductors with NCF technology) and Rhodium Plating. Product #9014162, $280 each

11 - Furutech - GTX Receptacle Wall Frames. Product #9010361, $160 each

I purchased all of these Furutech components about a year ago with every intention of installing them in my new listening space. Recently I have decided to flout the conventional wisdom of WBF regarding Furutech, and to take a less expensive course to save money.

All of these components are brand new-in-the-box, never opened and remain sealed.

I am thinking that a 20% discount off of the retail prices, above, seems reasonable. I am happy to sell the whole lot to one person or sets of components to multiple people.

Local pick-up would be ideal.

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