FS: MSB signature transport for DAC IV, V, Select, Discrete, Premier - CHEAP !


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Dec 15, 2012
Selling MSB Signature DATA CD IV transport with Signature Dual Transport Power Base.

Works (via MSB Pro I2S interface) with:

- MSB DAC Discrete
- MSB DAC Premier
- MSB DAC Reference
- MSB DAC Select II

- all other DACs via standard AES/EBU, RCA or TosLink outputs

Don't want to shall out $30k for the basic MSB transport ? Listening to streaming mostly, but still want to have a backup CD transport that will match your renderer input in SQ, but will not break your bank ?

This is it. MSB former top of the line transport, that was first sold as Signature DATA CDIV and then as Signature DATA CDV (with different heatsinks to match the DAC V aesthetics).

The reatial price was $13980: $7990 for the transport, $4990 for the Signature Dual Transport Power Base (with no less than 7 separate power transformers!) and $990 for the upsampling module (this transport can upsample the redbook signal to 88.2, 176.4 and 352.8 kHz at a resolution of 32 bits).

It is a very clean example, very lightly used. It works perfectly and is very quiet - it spins discs much more quiet than my old dCS Scarlatti drive used to.

It can work on both 115V and 230V.

Comes in original box and packaging (I will double box and palletize regardless), detachable IEC AC power cord, all manuals and remote.

All enquires welcome and will be answered in full.



Shipping within the EU ~ 75 EUR by DHL with full insurance. Ask for an exact quote - I pass through the same quoted shipping charges from my broker without adding in handling charges to keep the costs as reasonable as possible for the new owner.

US, Asia: $250


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Forgot to update - sold within 2h from posting.
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