Graham Phantom II Supreme cartridge installation


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Oct 2, 2014
I've recently bought an EAT table with the E-Go arm, essentially a tweaked version of the Phantom II Supreme.
Have the azimuth, VTA and such roughly set up and playing but the VTA/SRA looks wrong - the headshell has a circular piece of blue rubber firmly glued to it, which apparantly is factory, but makes my VdH The Frog cart tilt to the back.

The small spirit level at the arm pivot point shows the arm being level but the VTA looks wrong as the cart pushes against the blue ring.
I'm a bit puzzled on what I'm supposed to do with the VTA? Disregard the spirit level and raise the arm until the ridges on the VdH body run parallel to the record? The blue damping ring on the E-Go is glued in a way it's not easily removable.


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May 24, 2010
Hi there

I have an original Phantom arm wand and the blue rubber is there, however it's flush with the rest of the headshell.

It should be flush as you have experienced, you can't level the cartridge.

You have two choices.
- ask for a new armwand with the blue rubber flush and send the faulty one back.

- remove the rubber as it's only glued. on my other arm wand, the blue rubber fell out. I couldn't hear any difference in sound.



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Oct 2, 2014
Hmm, strange, the picture of the black armwand is from the Phantom III and there, it's also not flush (it cannot be flush as there is no indent in the headshell itself?) The arm was housing a much longer koetsu before and there, the blue rubber probably ended somewhere in the middle of the cartridge, not being much of a problem while the VdH is much shorter.

There is in fact an indent in the headshell for the damping 'blob' but because of the VdH body, it won't mount straight so I removed it.
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