Greetings from Germany


Sep 26, 2020
Würzburg, Germany
Hello everyone here at the wbf-forum,

I look forward to finding new, enthusiastic, and curious contacts at the WBF-Forum, I am also looking forward to the exchange and new impressions.

A couple of things about me: I'm Thomas, 34 years old, currently live in beautiful Lower Franconia in Bavaria, Germany. I started to be interested in high-quality music reproduction in 2014 and finally got excited.
At the time, I was “infected” by my uncle's “living room cinema system”. I was very impressed about the detailed resolution of the music, so I wanted to buy something similar, but completely clueless what budget we are talking about here.
After a visit to a local specialist shop - which also became my regular dealer for a long time - I started quite small with 2.0 and gradually improved from there on.
It started with the Wharfedale Diamond 10, which gave way to the next higher speakers Wharfedale Onyx, these were then replaced by the top speakers Wharfedale OpusII.
All those were first connected to a small Pioneer LX56 AV Receiver, which then had to give way to a larger LX87.
But I still wasn´t satisfied by the quality of the reproduction.
So I decided to build a pure stereo chain in addition to the “cinema system”.
Since my local dealer swears by Leema, it was obvious (I was inexperienced) to follow it and build a chain with Leema Acoustics.

This chain also went through a few increases and in the end I was happy with the following chain for a long time:

- Leema XandaII
- Leema Pyxis precursor
- 2 Leema HydraII as monos
- Leema Antilla II s eco cd player
- Bluesound Node 2 streamer

A friend gave me a hint towards the Germany High-End Loudspeakers-Manufacturer ASCENDO and there I came into serious contact for the first time with active speakers, which I really liked.

After two further listening visits, I decided to sell my previous chain and start again:

- Ascendo Live 15
- Leema Libra DAC
- NAD Master M 50.2

The Ascendo Live 15 are now the centre of my music listening chain and these gave and give the impulse to continuously expand and exhaust the chain.
So I first got myself a DAC, a german product which is of the same quality as the speakers: A TUBE DAC MKIII from ACCUSTIC ARTS.
Then I switched the Bluesound Node 2 to a Lumin U1 mini.
This then had to give way to a Linn System HUB.
The LINN HUB has been optimized twice by DR. Gert Volk and now plays and sounds in a completely different league.
In the next step, the power supply was optimized and I got 2 IsoTek Genesis One sine wave generators, which supply my peripheral devices with clean electricity.
As a grounding measure, I decided to use a Telos GNR Mini, which grounds my front-end.

After all of this, I returned to my passion for high-quality home cinemas and wanted to use the ASCENDO Live 15 to watch films as well - surround sound.
So I combined the Live 15 with 2 ASCENDO CCRM6, which makes a 4.2 Surround Set.
I finally can enjoy high-end music and high-end movies.

Sporadically I also deal with accessories and try something out. I am happy to provide information on this.

I am currently thinking about the next step to improve my system and hope to gain new input from information in the WBF forum, (and to improve my english skills.) :)

My taste in music:

In general, every music that is well crafted, as well as every music that touches me emotionally.
Don't want to commit myself to anything, I'm very open here.
If I should specify then:

"Classic": Bruckner, Mahler, Bernstein, Verdi, and many more
Film music: Ennio Morricone, Hans Zimmer, Michael Giacchino, Brad Friedel, Basil Poledouris, and many more.
Metal / Hard Rock: Menowar, ACDC, Doro, Metallica, Frontiers and many more
Electro: deadmau5, John Murphy

Other: Eskimo Callboy, Astor Piazolla, Caravan Palace, and many more

I look forward to a friendly exchange about our beautiful hobby.

Best regards

Audiophile Bill

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Mar 23, 2015
Welcome Thomas!


Feb 4, 2014
Willkommen Thomas !


Super Moderator
Staff member
Dec 25, 2011
The tube lair in beautiful Rock Hill, SC
Nice introduction. Please allow me to offer you a very warm welcome to the WBF. The BSN2 responds very well to a DAC IME.



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May 9, 2015
Cologne, Germany
Willkommen im WBF!

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