HDMI to RCA not working on small B&W CRT.

I have a 5.5" black and white portable CRT TV that I have been trying to hook up HDMI to for a while now. I am using a cheap HDMI to RCA converter which works fine on a regular TV but not with this one and I've tried switching NTSC/PAL to no avail. I have seen videos of people getting HDMI on a black and white TV before by using the antenna wires but mine has a dedicated RCA input and the antenna only has one visible wire. Any suggestions?

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Feb 8, 2011
Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada
Why not use a high definition 6.5" cellular phone's screen with proper aspect ratio?
Or a 10" tablet that weights twenty times less and takes fifty times less space?
Not only you have more pixels for 4K movies but colors too, more than just two...b&w.

Some YouTube channels are in 4K.

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