Hello from Savannah, Georgia- USA

Hi All,

I'm a manufacturing engineer in the aerospace industry and I'm past retirement age but still working (two ex-wives). I'm into DIY and I listen mostly to jazz and oldies. I tried multi-channel but I've now gone back to two-channel audio and loving it. I have some vintage Carver gear which I refurbished, and I build electrostatic speakers, and an occasional furniture piece.

Speaker building is a psychosis that I can't afford to indulge so much these days, but to the extent that I can enable for others through my DIY ESL website, it's still rewarding.

There are a ton of forums here and I'm having fun exploring them and, hopefully making some new friends. From time to time I will post some of my speaker projects on the DIY forum.


Ron Resnick

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Jan 25, 2015
Beverly Hills, CA
Hello Charlie!

Welcome to WBF!

steve williams

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Hi Charlie

Welcome to WBF. I’m betting members will appreciate reading about your DIY projects


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Apr 20, 2014
Melbourne, Australia
Welcome to the forum Charlie. I love your enthusiasm for the hobby!


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Apr 20, 2014
Melbourne, Australia


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May 6, 2010
Boston, MA

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