Help to connect subwoofer to monitors


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Jul 23, 2021
I have a dj controller with 2 x 1/4" TRS outputs

2 powered monitors KRK Rokit 8 with 1 input TRS balanced, 1 XLR and 1 RCA unbalanced for each monitor.

The controller is connected to each monitor with a cable 1/4" TRS balanced and XLR female.

In the past I also had a Rokit subwoofer and the controller was connected to the subwoofer (cable 1/4" TRS balanced and XLR female) and then subwoofer to monitors with cables XLR male and female. So, all balanced.

Now I plan to buy a new powered subwoofer but this only have 4 high level inputs (L+, L-, R+, R-) and 4 outputs (L+, L-, R+, R-) with banana type connector and RCA in (L&R) and out (L&R) for Aux that in my case I believe I should not use.

I believe I cannot use the cables I already have (1/4'' TRS x XLR), and replace the XLR by banana because banana is unbalanced, correct?

Also the other 2 cables XLR male and female are also useless for the same reason, correct?

Any advise?

Brad Lunde

Sep 18, 2020
Las Vegas
Yes this is not the right purchase. Banana plugs are not line level, they are speaker level (output from power amplifier). Speaker level inputs on subs was designed for those with no sub outputs on their receiver at home. They could then hook the sub(s) up via speaker terminals on the back, such as sub on speaker B and mains on speaker A. It is not only unbalanced its the wrong level for a TRS or XLR. You will never get the level balanced . Don't jury rig, buy a professional XLR input sub! There are many available.

Many people in your situation buy a monitor controller and like Drawmer Mc3.1, it has all XLR outputs and inputs and has a digital input as well as analog inputs. Plug your DJ mixer into the monitor controller and you are all set. It sends output to 3 pairs of stereo monitors (all XLR) plus a pro level sub(s) (XLRs) each on its own on off switch plus level control. Don't add a consumer speaker level sub to a professional system.


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