High end 1/4 male to xlr male cable


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Feb 14, 2020
Hi. I hope I'm in the right forum here. If not please direct me where I should go.

I'm looking for a relatively "high-end" interconnect cable that will go from my Apollo Twin interface (TRS male) to my Genelecs (XLR male). I've tried the entry-level stuff like Mogami Gold ($80/pair), which had a lot of punch and dynamics, but was lacking in clarity and detail in the mid-range. I've also tried Accusound TX-3 MX-4 Quad OFC ($120/pair), which lacked some in dynamics, but were much clearer and defined sounding than the Mogamis. They are also, after many hours of scouring the Internet, the nicest pre-built cable of this type that I can find.

I'm interested in anything you know of and am looking to spend around $300-$350/pair on cables. Thanks for all your help!

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