I chose to give up the sonos because it

Ries Jaek

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May 8, 2019
Well, I have been a Sonos fan for many years now, and have had almost all of their stuff, and its not bad, but at the same time rather expensive.
I like building my own speakers and amps, but it has always been a little difficult to implement streaming audio in it.
I recently decided to try and look again for something that I could use in my current setup, and for a little single speaker project, and I stumbled over Arylic.
I decided to give it a shot, and ordered the amp kit, and a single wifi audio receiver.
It was not very expensive, so why not give it at try ?
I received the things within a week here in Denmark.
I wont bother you with a unpacking experience, but everything was packed as it should.
First I decided to give the wifi audio receiver a go, because the single speaker project is not at the right stage at the moment.
Power connected, and audio out from my DSP filter.

QQ图片20190516170750.png QQ图片20190516170816.png
Closed the amp again. It’s a 4x10 W class A diy, and also diy speakers.
1.png 2.png
Installed the Mozu app on my Iphone, and after…3 minutes I was playing music from my NAS, local radio stations and music from my phone.
And playing .flac directly from my MacBook was just as easy.
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Nothing wrong with a Sonos as a digital source, as long as it's reclocked with a Synchro-Mesh to reduce the jitter. Some of the best systems do this. As for using the Sonos as an analog source, fuggetaboutit.

Very nice DIY work BTW.

Steve N.

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