Incredible Kuro Fake from China

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Apr 17, 2016
Emiliano,owner of Kuro,yesterday call me for this incredible thing.

His supplier of connector Bocchino,Mr Carmine Bocchino,that speak Italian because is half Italian,told him that saw in China Kuro cable with certificate and told Emiliano.
But this are fake cables because Kuro are different and never did certificate and also you can see silk cover that he never used because use green basalt.

I remember in 2018,one Chinese distributor wrote to Emiliano telling that is a big distributor of Kronos,Wilson,D'Agostino and would like to become his distributor for China and ordered him 4 cables to try
and send one link of his company.
Emiliano doesnt speak English and ask help to me.
I know well China because i worl with a Chinese company since 2004 and went to China 16 times already,i saw distributor link was in Beijing and address to delivery cables in Shenzhen.
First Shenzhen is far from Beijing at least 2500 km,then this city is famous to copy everything,also electronics and telephon,so i told him sure want to copy.

I told my opinion,you are alone,dont have shop or distributor and sell directly to customers,you can sell at 14/15.000 euro and take money and them do as you want.Difficult they copy because Kuro is not famous,and if copy they do publicity to you,so do as you want.
At the end Emiliano sold cables and now you can see the Fake Kuro with authenticity certificate written in Italian,i translate what they wrote

We certified this Kuro cables Silver Gold has a conducton in Silver solid core pure 925 of 3.25 mm with double plated gold 18 kt.
Are hand made in Italy from MR emiliano Gregori,owner of Kuro cables

I told Emiliano you have to be very happy because now you are famous in all the world


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Jun 7, 2018
Lausanne, CH
So it's a Chinese mix of Kuro and Skogrand -> they've always been creative :)


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Feb 3, 2016
So it's a Chinese mix of Kuro and Skogrand -> they've always been creative :)


I would use bizarre instead of creative...they create an authenticity certificate, written in italian, when according to Gian there's no such a certificate in first place...then, instead of making a 1:1 copy of the cable, they mix it with a Skogrand style silk sleeve, and a Nordost style wood nice to know that the scammer/copycat has such a low IQ LOL


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Apr 17, 2016
What is strange Kuro know only
People in WBF
No shop or distributor or writtent in other forum
Is not a famous brand
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