Infigo Audio debuts the Method 6 Stereo Amplifier!


Infigo Audio debuts the Method 6 Stereo Amplifier

Two-Channel Method 6 is Based on Infigo Audio’s Highly Popular Method 3 Monoblock

Infigo Audio, a prestigious Canadian company that designs and manufactures amplifiers, DACs, and cables for music lovers and audiophiles who are ready to invest in exquisitely designed electronics, today announced the Method 6 two-channel amplifier.

Featuring many of the same attributes as the acclaimed Method 3 monoblock amplifier, the new Method 6 (SRP: $20000) exemplifies Infigo Audio’s “no shortcuts” approach to product design. Like its predecessor, Method 6 features a Class A architecture, but with a unique design that maintains a low temperature that is not typical of Class A amplifiers. “Class A is the standard for the most powerful and sonically pleasing amplifiers, but sometimes the electronics are so hot they can heat a room,” says Hans Looman, CEO, Infigo Audio Inc.

We managed to solve this problem by developing Low Temperature Class A, which features multiple, smaller, cleverly biased output devices instead of the more common practice of incorporating fewer and larger devices. By doing so, we spread the heat over a larger area without a heavy concentration that often results in electronics that are too hot to touch.


Low Temperature Class A is notable for the elimination of cross-over distortion, with ultra-fast transient response. Thanks to this development, sonics remain impactful, crisp, and clear, while the amplifier stays cool to the touch. Over time, Low Temperature Class A’s lower operating temperature maximizes the life of the amplifier. A highlight of Infigo Audio amplifiers is the company’s DCBA™ system. DCBA, or DC Bias Adjustment, balances output DC level without limiting low frequency output.

Bass response is tight, powerful, with elimination of phase distortion at lower frequencies thanks to the removal of capacitors in the audio path. The low frequency range extends down to 0 Hz, with a separate protection circuit that disconnects the speakers when the DC level in the signal reaches too high a level. Aesthetically, the Method 6 fits comfortably in any high-end audio system, but especially when matched with Infigo Audio components. It is available in silver or black. And, like all Infigo electronics, the solid top is removable, affording a view of the internal circuitry that is protected by a transparent cover.

The distinctive industrial design of the Method 6, which stands 6”H 16.5” W at the bottom 18” W 13” D, contributes to its ability to reproduce the detail, dimensionality, and feel of a live performance. Power handling is rated at 2 x 100W in 8 Ohms, bandwidth is 0 Hz – 200 kHz (-3 dB), 26dB gain, sensitivity is 2V for maximum output, and voltage is rated at 120VAC / 240VAC selectable, 50/60 Hz.

Adds Mr. Looman: “Every product bearing the Infigo Audio logo is what I call ‘FAB’ -- a combination of features, advantages, and benefits. Like our other electronics, the Method 6 fits a clear and specific role in what we set out to create as a lean, highly focused product selection."

The Method 6 will be presented at Axpona Chicago (room 476) April 14-16, Dallas Lonestar Audiofest June 2-4 and Pacific Audiofest Seattle (room 1352) June 23-25. For further information, visit

Infigo Audio
Infigo Audio Inc is a Canadian company that designs and manufactures high end audio equipment.
The company’s team prides itself on using the highest quality materials and production processes, locally sourced, where possible, in British Columbia, Canada.
Saw and heard your Method 3 amps at last years Axopna and was highly impressed. Looking forward to seeing and hearing this new stereo version. What speakers will they be hooked up to?
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This weekend the Method 6 is playing in room 476 connected to Alta Audio Titanium Hestia II speakers.
Today Isabeau Corriveau played live harp along with her recording on her system, the ultimate 'live meets recording'.

She will perform again in our room at 2PM tomorrow (Sunday) so if you're around, it's worth stopping by!

Cheers, Hans.

Great sounding gear, quite impressive. I heard the integrated and DAC/preamp at LSAF recently and shared a beer with Hans in our room with my little KEFs and class D integrated.
Great sounding gear, quite impressive. I heard the integrated and DAC/preamp at LSAF recently and shared a beer with Hans in our room with my little KEFs and class D integrated.
@sbo6 Thanks, I’m calvin with Infigo. I recently bought our amplifier the Method 6 and I’m really enjoying it. I been listening to Ahmad Jamal all day. Great day of listening.
The noise floor is non existent. I went from a great tube amp to this. Tube like musicality with the notes coming from complete silence. Been listening to Ahmad Jamal all weekend. Sounds amazing.
Thanks @Ron Resnick - I am very honored with this great review indeed!
Fun fact: at the very left top of this page you can see that Jason likened the Method 3s musicality to the Octave Jubilee Mono SEs which is underwriting one of our slogans: "I can't believe it's not tubes!" :)

Thank you for sharing

Cheers, Hans.

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