Introducing the Vacuum tube and the Transistor.


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Oct 1, 2020
I enjoy these old documentaries and the viewpoints expressed back then.. The scenery and equipment used, the commentators excitement, etc.. Also provides a simplistic but effective way in describing the Technology. The transistor film was from 1953, less technical, more about shaping the future.

Introducing the vacuum tube - 1940 Link

The transistor link
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Jun 7, 2014
Redland, Oregon
I admit I like the pro-American gestalt in the tube video, a bye-gone era.

That said, the tube used in my CS Port phono stage (also used in other CS Port components)... "equipped with the ultra-reliable C3g, developed by Deutsche Telekom for telephone repeaters. The thin grid lines and large distance between electrodes enable high linearity amplification." An old-school tube, but highly reliable and low noise tube—they solder them directly to the board.
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