Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI

Feb 8, 2011
Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada

Completely absorbing; I'm right in the heart of it.
The book is currently planned for production as a Martin Scorsese film to start filming in March 2020.

"The book investigates a series of murders of wealthy Osage people that took place in Osage County, Oklahoma in the early 1920s—after big oil deposits were discovered beneath their land. After the Osage native Americans are awarded rights in court to the profits made from oil deposits found on their land, the Osage people prepare for receiving the wealth which they believe they are legally entitled to from sales of their oil deposits."

Film adaptation
"Imperative Entertainment is said to have paid $5 million for the rights to adapt the book for filming, with Eric Roth set to write the screenplay. As of July 14, 2017, Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio are developing a film adaptation of the book. Filming was expected to start in spring 2019 though still not taking place by the end of 2019. Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio are also rumored to be in talks for roles in the film.

Rodrigo Prieto is listed as the cinematographer for Scorsese's The Irishman released in November 2019. In December 2019, Prieto announced that the shooting schedule for Scorsese's 2020 film “Killers of the Flower Moon,” would start as reported by IndieWire stating: "Scorsese’s recurring cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto not only verifies the rumor but also confirms that “Flower Moon” is gearing up to start principal photography in March 2020."

This is important part of our heritage, North American history. But I'm sure it also happened in every other continent... verisimilitudes. Martin Scorsese is one of my top favorite filmmakers of all time, so I'm really glad about this next film.
@ 77 there are not too many years left in his life to make more films, unless like Clint Eastwood (89).
Speaking of Clint Eastwood he was @ his best in the Sergio Leone's spaghetti westerns, another top favorite filmmaker. That's where it all seriously started...the rest is his story (history).

Oklahoma in the 20s, and before it gets to that point...few hundreds years before ...
Today (2020) that's hundred years ago, even less when the murders occurred.
That is not a long time ago. ...After the first world war, before the second world war.

It is indispensable reading and I'm looking forward intensively to Scorsese's next film.
Because music, films, books, history matter.
Feb 8, 2011
Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada
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Feb 8, 2011
Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada
Martin Scorsese is not only one of the top filmmakers living today but he also knows how to pick the right subjects ... books. This is right in his alley, and it fits perfectly with my own vibrating chords in American history. ...We have Indians, we have oil, we have greedy and jealous white Americans, we have killers and blood, we have the beginning of what was to become the FBI.
There are also many secrets still remaining today, not everyone was brought to justice...many get away with murder.

The story even goes farther, when they were kicked out of their own land and obliged to relocate in Oklahoma on a worthless land with rocks (that's what they thought).
And there were trades with the French, hunting guns for independent survival.
The whole affair, Osage history over hundreds of years is of interest.
Because after so much suffering they stroke oil only to get mass murdered.
It makes us think and see how far we have evolved today.
It was completely crazy, neurotic and a reign of terror back then, less than hundred years ago.
All because of the oil underground and the money it brought above ground.

Today people are much more pacifists and considerate.
Besides, electric is replacing gas. Oil won't last for thousands years, hundreds years,'ll burn before we do.
Feb 8, 2011
Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada
Martin Scorsese is great @ making mob flicks, probably the best.
And what's fascinating with his new film he's working on (I think filming starts in March), is the Bureau of Investigation, relatively new @ that time (which would be renamed the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1935).

Newly appointed director J. Edgar Hoover sent investigators to Oklahoma.
The FBI’s First Big Case: The Osage Murders

“What’s interesting is you get to see Hoover and the bureau in its formative period. You see all the seeds of his character—paranoia, ambition and manipulation. He’s very insecure in his career at the time,” Grann says. “The bureau badly bungled the case initially. They released an outlaw named Blackie Thompson hoping he would work as an undercover informant, but he instead robbed banks and killed a police officer. At one point Hoover wanted to get out of it and turn it back to the state, but after the scandal he didn’t have a choice.”

"Unlike state and local investigators, Hoover’s agents provided the Osage with some relief from their “Reign of Terror”—but also a bill for more than $20,000 for their services. “That’s one of the more outrageous details,” Grann says. “They had to pay for justice.”

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