Krell 250a/3 issues


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Feb 9, 2020
Hi everyone,

Not only am I new to to Krell equipment, as my username implies, but also to this forum, so please "cut me a bit of slack!" :)
I have recently aquired a KAV250a/3 and I am not sure that all is in order with it, hence I am looking for some thoughts, ideas and possibly suggestions from other Krell owners. I am targetting the Krell community, but maybe one or more of these apparent issues could also apply to other equipment too?

Anyhow, the particular issues I have with this amp:
1/ the on/off switch does not always do what it's name implies. The switch is more likely to turn the amp on than it is off. It can operate normally, it can take a couple of presses, but it can take even more, especially when turning off.
2/ I have noted some distotrtion on one of the channels. I call it the centre channel as it is the middle of the three sets of terminals. I have connected the speakers logically left front to left terminal, centre to centre and right front to right, when looking from the front.
3/ Unequal gain? When setting up the front channels in the AVR I find I need to have a higher output for the centre channel to achieve equal volumes from the front 3 speakers. The centre speaker is, I believe, the most sensitive (Klipsch RP440C rated at 97db @ 2.83v 1meter), my left and right speakers (Yamaha NS1000M) are rated at 90db (1 watt input measured @ 1m). When other amplifiers drive the same front end I have to increase the L and R output from the AVR to achieve equal output at the speakers. With this Krell it is the opposite, I have to increase the centre. Couple this with the distortion issue on the centre, I believe something is not quite right with the centre channel?

What I have done so far:
The amp was connected intially to a mains block with other equipment. I have since separated the amp from this supply and gave it a dedicated feed (13A). No change.
I have also checked the mains supply by plugging a 3kw kettle into the socket. My meter registered 2,900+ watts (Krell claim the 250a/3 draws a max. of 1,930), so power supply should not be an issue?
The 250a/3 draws close to 500 watts on switch on and settles back to around 150 watts initially on idle. (Krell suggest this variant draws 235 watts in the idle state).
When watching movies at decent levels, the amp generally draws 180 - 190 watts when warm, at which it sounds rather good. I have never seen the amp draw above 200 watts when running (not wishing to annoy neighbours!).
When the distortion is audible (it is intermittant), I notice the figure on the meter drops by around 30 watts, or roughly 20%.
The amp is very quiet in opeartion at all times and / but it does get quite warm underneath, I measured 48.2C.
In case it makes any difference, I am in the UK and mains voltage is around 240 volts.

If you have experience with these amplifiers or knowledge that can help identify possible causes and rectification I would very much like to hear any comments.

Many thanks in advance :)


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Feb 9, 2020
Hi All,

I see the number of views steadily rising, but sadly no comments regarding the issues to date.
Maybe no-one has had similar issues which makes it most unfortunate that I should get a unit that has them.

I have heard so much about Krell over the years, I have been in this "hobby" for around 40!, and have always held them in high regard. In honesty, I have to say the 250a/3 really did sound good when working correctly, bearing in mind that it could possibly have been even better if the issues were still holding it back somehow. I certainly could image having a fully functioning 250 as the heart of an av system.

Unfortunately, due to the issues, not this amplifier!
It is with some regret that I decided not to keep it, it was simply an unknown quantity with regards to any work required, and it has been returned to the previous owner (it was sold as "in perfect working order").

For the record, I did contact the UK distributer. I didn't get any specific information re the issues, just an invitation to let them take a look at it for £110 minimum charge, could be more if longer required, with a view to issuing a quote to carry out any repairs (carriage charges on top of course).
On this subject, I found comments online whereby someone had a stereo 250 serviced and repaired (channel failure) by the same outfit and it cost him £1100.
I was not prepaired to pay this sort of money for this amplifier. A pity, if only it didn't have the issue(s) - I would have been quite a "happy bunny"!

Thanks to all who took an interest in my post, a shame that it hasn't delivered any useful information for my case, and perhaps for anyone else who may have read the thread in the hope that they may learn something too.

If anyone should still read this and have information, I personally would still be interested to understand what the issue may have been.
You never know, I may still end up buying another one which may develop a fault!

Thanks and best regards


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Apr 15, 2017
Not sure what kind of answer you expect. The amp certainly needs a repair by an experienced in similar amps technician. Do you expect to receive an advice how to perform the repairs yourself?


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Feb 9, 2020
Hi Analogsa,
I am not someone who tinkers with things they do not know much (anything) about so I would not have carried out any repairs myself. I was hoping to hear from someone who had maybe experienced similar issues with this amplifier and could give some idea as to the seriousness of the fault and ultimately an idea on likely costs to resolve it.

I was happy to pay what was asked for the amplifier on the basis that it was in full working condition, but clearly the amp wasn't in this condition.

I may have been happy to keep it IF the repairs were to come it at a relatively "minor" cost (a few hundred even), but I was simply not in a position to asceratin what costs may have been incurred to correct the issues. I was hoping, as mentioned, someone reading the description may have been able to give some ideas based on their own experiences.

Due to the number of responses, I suspect the issue is not a common one, which makes it an even greater "unknown quantity" as far as I am concerned. It is a shame as it could possibly have been as simple as a dodgy resistor or something, which I doubt (hope) would not have been too expensive to resolve.

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