Lg 55 inch ultra OLED main board replaced twice


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Dec 11, 2013
oled 55cxpua.
twice now the main board has burnt out
There is a chip on the board that is burnt
the main board has all the inputs to
The tv on it.
hdmi is from Roku ultra
network is from giga byte net work sw non power type.
tv is on surge protector as
Is the entire net work and i Use a
Network isolated galvonic type
I’m totally confused amd
Need an outside the box thinking
What I want plan to do is Wi-Fi net work
Roku has a built in wireless streamer amd
The tv has built in Netflix and
Apple TV.
the tv was working and was left unplugged
A month or more. When I get I plugged in the tv nothing happens no stand by lite

i swear I smelt something faint
after looking inside it’s the same chip.
last time I even changed the psu board as well
knowing it was the main board
anyone have any ideas.
Wondering is this an odd thing.

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