Lumin x1: still a good idea to buy in 2023?


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May 19, 2023

i currently have a Lumin D2 and i want to upgrade. Initially i was thinking of getting a DAC (T+A DAC200 or Cen Grand DSDac 1.0 Deluxe) but then my dealer told that should get a T3 instead … sooo … i started to look and i thought why not the TOTL x1 …. i can get it for 1k more than the T3 (demo init with warranty)
The x1 is at least 5y old and don’t have the latest generation processors, so i’m worried about the “shelf life”. i’m sure the sound will be good … but how long will i be able to use it with no issue?

So what do you think folks:
x1 or a DAC for my D2?


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Jan 13, 2023
If you are marginally handy with a few tools and are willing to experiment a bit, you might consider doing an SBooster external power supply on your D2. It brought considerable improvements to my T2. (Links here and here for a potential U.S. source.)

I use my T2 in my office system. I've used it in my home system too - that's when I installed the SBooster - and it performed quite nicely there, but was easily trounced by a Grimm MU1 streamer/server paired with a used Wyred4Sound DAC I acquired. I replaced the latter a couple months ago with a Lampizator Atlantic 3 DAC and... wow. Just a huge improvement in every way over the W4S.

So... I can't answer your questions about the T3 and X1, but I will suggest you consider the improvements from a DAC vs the improvements from a digital source. My opinion is the likely "best value" improvement will come from your choice of DAC. I'll even point out that you can achieve considerable improvements with your network hardware and cables, and the combinations of those items could well be better value that swapping in either the T3 or X1.

Will your dealer let you demo the T3 and X1 at home? Can you also demo the T+A DAC 200 at the same time? That might be quite eye-opening for you. (To me, it sounds like a little work and a lot of fun.)


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Jan 30, 2023
Still one of the best! if not the best. If you want to stay updated, upgrade the generic DC cable with the Westminster'd DC cable.
Such an amazing product. The realism and musicality you get worth every penny.
Take care of the network signal that enters the streamer from EMI RF noise and you'll be in heaven!


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Apr 10, 2023
I had a D1, so very similar to your D2, and upgraded to an X1 about 6 months ago. I had the D1 for about 5 years and was very happy with it but the X1 is in a different league and an immediate and very audible improvement. It's massively better, a wedge of cash compared to the D1/2 there's no getting around that. Dealer left the demo unit with me to play around with and compare to my D1, and that was enough, I sighed and just said yes I'm ordering one. Just do it I'm sure that you won't regret it!


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Feb 29, 2020
Austin, TX
I just got a U2 for my secondary system and it’s fantastic. Personally, I’d wait for the successor to the X1 which will include the newer compute module and a feature refresh. These things are computers and the X1 is about to be an old model. My advice is just wait a little and get the new one. Or get a deal when the X1 goes on sale.

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