Luxman M-900u power cable choices?


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Feb 7, 2021
...I liked the TWL Obsession on the Luxy c900 pre, and the AQ Hurricane was just OK. I had two Hurricanes on the amps, but to speak frankly, I think that braided design is a huge hassle for most set-ups. Borderline unmanageable and NOT worth the bother.

I actually ended up with VooDoo AirSpectra on both the pre and MSB dac. I bought another Obsession and use them on the two m900s. Overall, I like the system balance a lot.

I asked Pete at TWL about the Obsessions and would he do anything different...even custom...for Luxman gear. He thought the IECs would be a design limit, at some level, and having the ground "wire" in the pc cable would be a net-plus, even though unneeded for Luxman. Hope I'm paraphrasing him correctly from memory.

I heard the new M10x and c1000 pre at a dealer last week. With Magico s3s, I think it was. MSB Ref dac. Sweet. Hope you are enjoying that new M10x @carlosnewidea


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Jan 13, 2022
TWR Obsession pc is great, you need to expend much more to get better performance. The M10x is an step up over the M900u, a much more engaging amp with better grip in bass. I lived 1.5 years with the M900u and the system/room is the same, so I have a real reference.


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Mar 29, 2022
And the outcome was??
Pretty much the same as previously reported. Tonal balance and overall "sound" was good but the amazing holographic imaging and huge soundstage was severely compromised IMO. Notes were slightly blurred as compared to an amazing amount of solidity and space around the instruments/voices. I tested it against a couple of older Shunyayta cables including Alpha v1 NR and the difference was significant. I will be ordering up an Alpha v2 NR for it next. Would like to get a Sigma but trying to not break the bank! Bare in mind that I don't have any dedicated lines anymore (used to have 4!!!) so I question how much better the higher end cables will be in my circumstance. Meanwhile I just received my Denali 6000/S v2 and Alpha XC so just getting them burned in.
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