MA 252 new owner

Oct 15, 2020
Greetings everyone!

Just purchased an MA 252 to match with my Clearaudio Emotion red turntable as well as a Music Hall MMF 3.3 LE. It is driving a pair of Von Shweikert VR 2's. I have to say, the Shweikert's never sounded so good! Tight low end I had never heard before. They were being driven by an NAD C 375 BEE, no slouch, but the 252 is simply a spectacular performer. I am thrilled to finally own a McIntosh amplifier! Good power, warm sound, tight bass, great mids and highs ... just shocked by the little guy doing such a great job and showing no signs of strain whatsoever!!

Just thought I'd share my experience so far. Another bucket list item scratched!!

Hit them straight ...

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