Mark Levinson 536

Jan 7, 2018
I heard those amps drive my Revel Salon 2's and I bought the speakers right there! In hindsight I might have bought anything those amps were driving.
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Jun 19, 2016
ML 534, 536 no doubt superb -as most Levinson gear.

Recently, I found a No. 53 ML power amp brochure and wondered deeply about ML's claim that their then new flagship outperformed competitor's amps and even all previously manufactured ML (A/B) amps !
Telling us/the reader they pursued relentless blind/sighted listening tests, flew people around the world and these class "D" amps beat them all.

Yeh right. I notice No. 53 amps are nearly impossible to sell/re-sell; definitely a sign of great, highly sought-after audio ! Lol.

I'll bet a 20-year old No. 333 ML amp is better than the 53's. However, the NO. 52 (Pre) looks mighty fine.

It appears whoever commissioned this class "D""amp for ML Reference" status understands not the notion of time-honored, Collective Wisdom. Mercifully, someone at Harmon thought of just that and decided that perhaps a "conventional" tried/true A/B amplifiers may serve the the brand and audiophile community the best. Good thing they did.

peter jasz
(P>S. What were they thinking ?)

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