MB Performance Series and Audiodharma Cable Cooker


Apr 7, 2022
I am having an issue with my new MB Performace Series speaker cables not being able to be conditioned on my Audiodharma Anniversary Edition Premium Cable Cooker.

The green light which indicates that the frequency sweep is active does not come on at all. The green light works with interconnects, power cable, usb cables, and other brands of speaker cable...just not the Masterbuilt. The cables seem to be working okay when they are hooked up to my amp. I have discussed at length and tested with Alan Kafton at Cable Cooker and we have verified that the cable cooker is operating properly.

One thing that might have been a factor was that the cables were terminated with spades on both ends at the factory, but I made a request to have bananas on the speaker ends which was too late and would have to be done by Von Schweikert at their facility.

Very weird...Anyone have any thoughts?

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