Movers drop Angela Hewitt's piano


May 25, 2010
SF Bay Area
This terrible accident occurred back in February. For many years Angela Hewitt has been the most well known classical pianist to be associated with the great (and relatively new) Fazioli piano. She is a 'Fazioli' artist, similar to most pianists who are 'Steinway' artists. She has been taking this piano around the world (I think mostly Europe - she lives in Italy) for her concerts and recording sessions. We heard her play a Bach concert (she is most famous for playing Bach) a few years ago at Wigmore Hall in London, playing this instrument. Fazioli will be building a new instrument for her, since she has some custom features on this piano. However, in the mean time, I don't think there is going to be much public concertizing anywhere in the world.



Well-Known Member
Sep 4, 2017
Thanks for the interesting background. Until I read about this, I'd never heard of a four-pedal piano.

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