MSB or Rockna DAC


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Dec 31, 2020
Considering one of the two DACs here. Either the Rockna Wavedream or MSB Discrete DAC. I've heard the Wavelight by Rockna and was impressed. Just wondering if anyone has had a chance to listen to the Wavedream and any of the MSB product that could provide some feedback.

For background, this for a high end desktop system through a set of powered studio monitors (Dynaudio). Mostly trying to replicate an easy to listen to analog sound. Rockna certainly comes close with the Wavelight. Just curious on the MSB equipment, love the idea of modularity and being able to upgrade at my own pace. I had a tube rig (VTL) back in the day and never forgot that sound. Trying to come close to that with a compact unit to fit on my desktop for near field listening is the goal. MSB and Rocka seem to fall into the category based on what I've heard and read.

Thank you!

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