Munchen High end show 2022

I m going 19 - 22 may to the show in munchen

Who s going?
What brands you wanna hear ??

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Yes, I heard the smaller version (same as in your picture) at the Klangschloss here in Switzerland in April driven by darTZeel. I think they were driving it too hard there because it got weirdly shouty with some frequencies like the bending wave driver was getting chaotic in motion or something. I heard the same bass integration problem there as well though. It is an active bass and the texture and damping is totally different from the rest of the speaker.
I heard it too at the Klangschloss and my impression was similar to yours. When I heard this speaker at the High End in Munich it was similar, it just sounded a tad better probably due to the amps by Riviera Audio, which I like a lot. I used to have their smallest integrated/headphone amp.
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Danish actually ! Even worse ! Could not get information from Shazam, who the artist is. Sounds like Terremoto De Jerez. Do you know Brad ? My Flamenco collection is limited to a few albums. :)
Not really sure...he mentioned something but that it can't be found on streaming services.

LOOK! no shaky cams ( found footage movie) and roll off after 80hz! :D:D
With the usual caveat of relatively tiny inexpensive computer speakers reproducing big expensive speakers, this sounds pretty darned good. Perhaps a touch bright--hard to tell--but very "live" sounding (through aforementioned small cheap speakers).

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