New VPI 3D Arm


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Jan 23, 2012
I've read that there may be a new arm introduced. Anyone know anything?


Oct 14, 2018
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a very useful tip for the owners of VPI 3D tonearms by Harry H ( VPI Owner and Chief Designer ) to straighten them in the rare case that they are not straight :



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Feb 3, 2016
a very useful tip for the owners of VPI 3D tonearms by Harry H ( VPI Owner and Chief Designer ) to straighten them in the rare case that they are not straight :

View attachment 74384

Disgusting for any reputable company. It's the same modus operandi as Hifiman, which impunely does similar stuff with their headphones. The problem with this is that gains from fools continue to easily outweigh the disgust of the informed.


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Apr 20, 2010
Metro DC
I recall making the decision to replace my tubes on my bicycle with Slime innertubes. Bicycle tires have a strong bead to hold the tire on the rim. When you put the tire back on the rim you have to do it by hand. It is not a big deal at home. It is quite a nuisance out on the trail. You can pinch the tube with obvious consequences.
From time to time tires have to be re-inflated. I think you know where I am going. The fluid used to block a puncture was quite effective. So much so that it blocked the inflation valve. That made impossible to inflate or deflate the tire. I had to cut the tire and innertube off from the rim. Slime replaced the tube but declined to replace the brand new $50 Continental Gatorskin(without explanation). Yes there was fix. But it was nowhere on the box.. That sort of thing should have been divulged before the sale.
I had to remove the valve on each tire of all three of my bikes and replace. Draining the tire each time it needed to deflated r inflated at let alone on the train was a deal breaker.

VPI should divulge this problem and the cure before the purchase.. The buyer can decide whether it is woth it.IMO.
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