New Weiss DAC 501 / 502


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Feb 25, 2023
Some features I'll be happy if they included in the next firmware up date.

- the ability to turn off and on the Weiss dac from the web browser (Wake-on-lan sorta speak)
- indication on the Weiss display if a DSP is turned on and which ones

I wouldn't hold my breath for a firmware update. The last one was a year ago.


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May 13, 2023
Austin, TX
The 502-4ch has been in for a few weeks now. Immediately apparent (from Oppo 105D and Denafrips Pontus II 12th) was more instrumental information coming out of the mix, more ambience, grand piano especially natural, more air surrounding percussion fills, close miked drums/drum head decay like I hear when playing a kit. Higher, balanced levels of dynamics and tonality surprised me. Very satisfied over our other system DACs.
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Nov 26, 2022
My Weiss is now powered with 'Kondo ACz Avocado' Power cable.
Wow, the weiss never sounded better!

been using the stock 'grey power cable' that Shindo are using with their gear which sounded natural without any harshness to me, but now i understand it was limiting the Weiss full potential.

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