Nola Concert Grand Gold Speakers complete

Elliot G.

Industry Expert
Jul 22, 2010
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
These are the ones HP called the best he ever heard. They are mint condition with everything and the original crates.
The retail is 197,000. a pair. They are a current model available by order only and lead time for new is at least 3 months.
I want to move them rather than look at large wooden crates at my business.
I had them listed at 59K I will accept 51k plus shipping if paid by wire. I get excellent freight rates with my business.
Pictures are available on Audiogon
Would like to get these out of my warehouse I am running out of space. Anyone interested?
Please serious inquiries only
I have lowered the WBF asking price to 45000 paid by wire only and does not include shipping.

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