Nola speaker evolution


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Feb 6, 2013
west of NYC, east of SF
I have a pair of Nola Metro Grande 2 speakers which I absolutely love.
I am a big fan of ribbon tweeters and these speakers image very nicely even in a constrained placement,
on either side of a fireplace, close to the back wall, and firing the short way across a long room. I am feeding them with a pair
of Ayon Triton monoblocks in triode mode.

I'd love-love-love a Baby Grande but it's size is a bit too large for my living room. ;(

I see that the Metro Grande 2 have been replaced successively by the Metro Grand Gold,
the Metro Grand Gold 2 and, just recently, the Metro Grand Gold 3.
Can anyone here comment on the relative benefits of upgrading from where I am now to something
more recent, the relative differences and benefits of moving up the line, etc?



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Dec 11, 2013
Nola’s as always sounded great at this years capital audio show
all vac and Sikora tt. was very good analog

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