Nordost Heimdall 2 vs Wireworld Eclipse 8 vs Jorma Trinity Speaker Cable?


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Dec 20, 2020

Marten Parker + Boulder 866.

I demoed with PAD speaker cable. PAD works great with relatively bright & sharp speakers like Utopia from Focal.
(by slightly rolled of the edge of the top) - PAD has warmth, rounded big bass and smoothness

But for my combination, I want to try make the sound a bit more acute and give little more openness to top part.
If possible. (Boulder makes the sound rounded already.)

I tried Canare 4s11. Kind of okay but I think I might do better.
I want to try Mogami reference cable, but it’s impossible to get.

So, my candidates are

- Jorma Trinity (Marten uses Jorma Cable, the description sounds like the one I want but not much actual information from real experience)
- Nordost Heimdall 2 (I expect lean & sharp character from Nordost)
- Kimber Carbon 16 (Monocle is too warm)
- Wireworld Eclipse 8 (I know a person went to Demo of Marten Mingus. The dealer used Jorma first then switched to Eclipse. - But this eclipse is the reference one, I’m talking about the BASIC eclipse.)

Or any other cable that might have similar character.
I don’t want to spend the money, I want to tune a sound a bit.
I’m not even talking about improving sound overall, (at least it looks like a really tough challenge), yet I know the sound might change. - The reason? I honestly think even cable manufacturers don’t really know.
Still I need to tune the sound.

This would be my final possible touch. (Except speaker cable, I don’t have any other variables in sound chain.)

Thicker cable is preferred though I only plan to run 2-2.5m. (I know the theory, but I have my own reason.)

Thank you.


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May 15, 2021
Well Nordost is in my view no longer lean and sharp. i think it was in the first iteration. Aside from that , with your components i would suggest at least Nordost Frey2 and better yet Nordost Tyr2.
In my view what Nordost gives you is a very sharp look into the recording , especially tonality of the singer where very small changes in their voice suddenly becomes really obvious , bass is also much more refined and detailed , thats a least how it has been for me. I also had the fortune to have a Nordost Valhalla 2 Loudspeaker cable in my system , my thoughts was something like now it will really show the shortcomings of my equipment....but to my surprise instead it raised my system, to a hole new level....which i would not have believed possible.

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