Persona 7f, or 3f with a sub?


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Jan 7, 2018
My dealer takes in a bunch of stuff an one week he had the 7f connected to something that turned them into audiophile speakers, tight imaging, deep layered soundstage and air around all the instrument. I didn’t like i. Impressive sure, natural meh. So last time he has this 100 watt hybrid pathos integrated and all the silly audiophile crap is replaced with the most natural playback experience I’ve ever heard! My first listening session was a couple hours and I came back and maybe they have a little too much bass for the room. play a lot of different stuff and i Have heard the 7f sound as dry and uninviting as others have described but I guarantee if those guys listened to this system they would rave. I just finished building my last system and after 5-6 hours with the 7f I just might take the hit and get them.

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