Photo and Video Highlights of the California Audio Show 2019

Tim Link

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Feb 12, 2019
I got to attend this show last year. It's fun to review these pictures. It's funny how my memory got some things wrong. I remembered the Acapella horn speakers as having black bass cabinets with an orange midrange horn, but now I see that was just a poster that was in the room. I'm blown away to see that the horns were actually grey with white bass cabinets!:rolleyes: In any case I thought they sounded amazing.


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Thanks, Tim!

Yeah, the white cabinets look quite elegant in homes with white or off-white walls. Sometimes we want our gear to make a visual statement, and sometimes just be more visually integrated into the room. Depends on the hour of the day for me, I think :)

Too bad the Oakland CAS show is no-more. Looking forward to the resumption of the L.A. Show (mid-June potentially) and Seattle Pacific Audio Fest (scheduled for end of July).
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