Photo Highlights Of California Audio Show 2011

steve williams

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1. Music Lovers room with Maxx lll and Spectral

2. Q5 with Constellation amps

3. Evolution Acoustics. IMO the MicroMini One bookshelf speakers were the best deal at the show at $2K/pair

Honorable Mention

4. Salk Audio . Best bass at the show. Speakers were gorgeous and modestly priced at $14K/pair

5. Acapella Horns. Sitting in the sweet spot, those speakers were dialed in perfectly

6. MBL room
Jul 28, 2011
Steve great photos, thanks!
I am glad I decided to travel to SF for the CAS Show. I visited just about every room and there were for me, a handful of really top sounding systems. I found myself going back to the Ayon room, a big room by the way, that with out a doubt was the best sound of the show for me. In my travels through the show and talking with show goers, most that I spoke with also found the Ayon room to be the best as well. Ayon showed the Lumenwhite speakers with the Ayon Orthos mono amps and the Cd5s. The sound was first rate, the best of the show.


steve williams

Site Founder, Site Owner, Administrator
Interesting first post. IMO this is what makes the hobby such fun as one mans passion is another mans poison


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Apr 20, 2010
Pleasanton, CA
I'll probably drive up and catch it on Saturday from Santa Cruz. I'll mostly just try to hear the main large demos of interest and some headphone stuff.

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