Photo Highlights Of RMAF 2011

Steve Williams

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I've taken several hundred photos with more for tomorrow so I am going to reserve several posts here for photos which I will post when I get back to California

Steve Williams

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First off this was an absolutely terrific show in every respect.

It was well attended and I had the great :) pleasure of chatting up Jonathin Valin and John Atkinson as well as meeting Sean Olive and sitting in on his lecture.

IMHO there were many winners as well as just as many favorites.

I was busy taking photos while fellow member mep who was actively taking notes. Mark (mep) has great ears as well as super knowledge of all things in this hobby so I am sure that he will chime in with his thoughts

Without trying to ruffle feathers of others who were present and who might have different impressions of "what's best" IMHO there were 5 rooms that stood out well above the rest and without starting arguments I wish to stress that these are merely my impressions of the best rooms and no doubt others will feel differently.

1. Clearaudio Master Innovation, Aesthetix, Vandersteen 7. The new Clearaudio Master Innovation TT was launched at the show and not only was it eye candy but the sound was simply spectacular

2. Vandersteen 7's with all Audio Research

3. Evolution Acoustics Mini's, Playback Designs, Wave Kinetics NVS and ATR Arria 102. The new TT by Wave Kinetics likewise is eye candy and also sounded very good however it could not be properly evaluated due to a bearing being damaged in the transport of the unit to the show however to see Joel Durand set up his Telos and Talea ll tonearms illustrated what a work of art these arms are

4. Magico Q1's with Nagra-T and BAlabo amp

5. Philip O'Hanlon's room with Vivid speakers, Brinkman table, new R2R etc

As for the music itself, one could always hear the "same old" tracks being played in most rooms. Almost every room showed both analog and digital and once again without starting any wars I felt that for my tired ears the "analog" side of thing bettered the digital side in virtually every room. However there was one bit of music that simply floored me and I had to go back and listen to it again and again.

That music for me was simply the best I heard at the show and probably any where else. This was played in Jonathan Tinn's rom by Mike Spitz from ATR who brought with a fully restored and beautiful ATR 102 Arria. Mike played on his machine St James Infirmary by Louis Armstrong at 30ips and it was beyond belief the best thing I have ever heard on tape. Plus these were played through Jonathan's Evolution Acoustics Micromini One. I have never heard such an amazing soundstage let alone through book shelf speakers that were all of $2500.

Most Interesting new driver...

This was in the room of none other than our very own Gary Koh who with his sister Carol launched their newest speaker in the Genesis line. Gary has a tweeter in this speaker that was designed by himself and apparently is usede only in this speaker. I am hoping that Gary will chime in and talk about this remarkably unique tweeter

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