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Oct 9, 2014

(Could not find a basic thread for this brand on the forum. If there is admin, feel free to delete this one)

Are there more friends of New Zealand's pride Plinius Audio here?
Plinius was founded back in 1980 and have over the years, produced a great selection of well-playing audio equipment .
They are perhaps best known for their extreme powerful and sophisticated Class A amplifiers.

In the recent years I've had the following products from Plinius.
Integrated Amplifier: Plinius Hiato
Power Amplifier: Sa-103, 2x Sa-103 in Mono and now at last Sa-Reference.
Preamplifiers: Kaitaki and now RM-10 (the newly launched)
Streamer / Dac: Tiki
RIAA: Koru

They have all been fantastic products in their class. Great craftsmanship both in terms of sound and appearance.

Feel free to share opinions and experience of this brand! SAM_6185.JPG


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Dec 26, 2010
Beautiful! Would love to know about their Ref 300/SA-Ref amp. A big fan of Class A SS! How does it compare with Plinius' other amps...and perhaps with amps from other brands? Boulder, Gryphon, Vitus which come to mind as the other big Class A SS manufacturers?


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Oct 9, 2014
I can sadly not comment Plinius up against other in same Class, since i dont have Tested/compared them.

But i own the Sa-Ref and are extremly satisfied with this.
The Plinius sound are engaging, sweet detailed, and extremly powerful with a great punchy bottom end.

The Reference A-300 is an evolution of the Sa-Ref. Throughout the design process each and every part has been reviewed, evaluated and refined. Every subsection of the electronics boasts changes to components, specification, layout and interconnection resulting in a truly sophisticated amplifier. Exc. Redesigned Low noise power supply.


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