Power Supply Questions

Jul 9, 2018
We have recently been fielding a lot of questions about power supplies. Some Q & A for your Tuesday evening...

Q: Does the 7V Linear Power Supply (7V, 15W) used to power the ultraRendu, microRendu, and ultraDigital available in other voltages?
A: Yes - Our Linear Power Supply is available from 5V to 15V. Learn more (Why not upgrade your power supply?)

Q: Is the 7V Linear Power Supply (5V-15V, 15W) available internationally?
A: Absolutely - <<Click Here>>

Q: Do we offer a linear power supply for the sonicTransporter i5?
A: Yep! - We have a 12V Linear Power Supply (12V, 50W) that is a fantastic addition to the sonicTransporter i5. <Check it Out> (US and Intl available). FYI - This Linear Power Supply works great with the Roon Nucleus...

Q: I own some competitors equipment, can I still get a power supply from Small Green Computer?
A: Happy to Help - We get it, what we hear is subjective. If you have a competitors player or server and we can help you improve the sound quality with a Linear Power Supply upgrade, that's a win for everyone. Visit our Audiophile Accessories

BTW - Our stuff is backed by a 30-day, no crazy questions asked, money back guarantee...

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