Project Cars----FINALLY----It Rocks.


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Feb 24, 2015
Greater Phoenix Area
I am not a video game person at all, never have been. The only type of video game I will even consider is a race simulator.

I do not want to drive through cities and pick up hookers, shoot cops, rob stores, jump through rings of fire etc.

I just want to drive realistic race cars on realistic race tracks against other racers.

Ladies and Gentleman its here, Project Cars.

Complete control over everything and I mean everything.

I bought a PS4 a year and a half ago based on a promised release date and that came a went many times over. My PS4 sat untouched by me the entire time. The grand kids have put a hurting on it, but nothing by me.

Today I have been driving my Porsche GT3 (dream car) around Willow Springs International (a track I am familiar with) and I am here to tell you it is about as real as it gets.

Unlimited car adjustments, unlimited track conditions. It is an amazing game.

Lots of track choices from around the world, lots of car choices. Race the computer, race others around the world live, IT ROCKS.

I have never found a drive game to keep my attention (NASACAR was close) very long, this is an actual racers game made by actual racers, Highly Recommended (see what I did there, I got all JA on ya)!
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Sep 25, 2017
Anyone playing Project Cars 2 that's come out a week or 2 ago? I'm enjoying it immensely.

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