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Dec 24, 2016
I got into audio and buying LPs over 40 years ago. I was never interested in becoming a "record collector" - that always seemed to require too much time and effort. Nonetheless, somehow I have wound up with a pretty sizable collection (I'm not sure how many, I've never counted them - whenever people ask me how many albums I have, I point to them and say "that many"). So, for various reasons, I have decided to prune my collection to a more focused, manageable collection. I have decided to start with selling my classical and opera albums first. I have cataloged them on Discogs and expect to eventually list them for sale there, but I have decided to first offer them to members of this board and Audionirvana. Until I decide to list them for sale, I will offer the members of these forums substantial discounts and will be willing to discuss the condition of the albums ahead of time. Moreover, if you don't like how the album sounds when you get it, you can return it (think of how many times you have bought an album that looks mint, but plays horribly). I can, to a limited degree, also pre-play the albums. I'm not trying to get top dollar here, just trying to defray some of the ridiculous amount I have spent on this hobby and have my babies adopted by a loving home.

The collection includes many gems. It also has many European-released albums (I lived in London for a decade). Ninety-five percent of the LPs are in NM condition (with a large percentage being dead-on mint) (I do not rate an lp as M, unless the album is sealed). The jackets range from F (pretty beat up) to NM- (remember that most of these albums are 40 - 60 years old.) You will see in my collection some Rock, Jazz and Blues albums. I really have not yet gotten a chance to catalog those collections, so only a small percentage are currently cataloged. Nonetheless, if something piques your interest, let me know. If you have questions of general interest, please reply here. Otherwise, please feel free to message me with any queries. I have about 100 classical and opera albums that have not been added yet as i was unable to find them quickly on Discogs. I will be adding them over the next week or so.

btw, if anyone here has experience selling large numbers of albums on Discogs or ebay, please message me. I apparently have never sold an album - much to the chagrin of my wife.

A bit about me: I have been an audiophile since I was 12. I have always used the best equipment I could afford (my first turntable was a Thorens 145 with a Blue Point cartride and my current turntable is a Grand Prix Audio Monaco v.2 with an Ortofon MC100) I have always been meticulous when it comes to set-up and album cleaning (I used to use a Loricraft to clean, but switched to the Audiodesk).

Below is the link to my collection. Enjoy!
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Dec 24, 2016
So, a few things I should have initially made clear:

I won't be able to send out the albums, and will not accept payment, until the virus lockdown here in NY is lifted (hopefully in a couple of weeks). If you tell me what you want now, I can pull the albums and get everything ready.

I will ship the albums however you wish with whatever level of insurance you wish. You will pay whatever the shipping costs are. I will ship abroad. Please allow me 4-5 days to get everything ready to ship.

The only method of payment that I will accept is PayPal.

I live in Westchester, NY and would be willing to have people come over and go through the albums.

One other thing: I have received a number of inquiries regarding my Rock, jazz and blues albums. As I have not gone through and cataloged those collections yet, I want to hold off selling those until I have them properly cataloged. I will make a separate posting for those albums.
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Jul 8, 2011
San Diego, CA

I've sold on Discogs for a few years now, I like it. Buyers are generally less obnoxious than on eBay, for instance.
For thing I recommend is that you sign up for Discogs Payments as well. Better than PayPal.
If you have any specific questions, let me know!


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