RADA Precious One Phono


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Jun 7, 2014
How do you charge the batteries - do you have a battery management system?
Each of the two 12V batteries has their own internal BMS, monitoring overheating, voltage and other parameters. In the first picture above, next to the King Lear book, you see the battery charger and its long cord connected to the batteries. This charger is specifically designed for this particular kind of batteries--full charge from dead to full in 10 hours. However, a complicating factor is that i keep my DAC and streamer always turned on, so there is a constant 80W draw, which one needs to take into account for charging. The charger is also designed to gradually increase charge on start-up and then gradually decline on full charge. I can provide full details of course on the brand, specs, etc.

Does the inverter generate significant EMI/RFI? I have no way to measure this but I would assume some EMI/RFI--but that is where the Puritan Audio Labs conditioner comes into play. That device has been measured and shown to markedly reduce noise. I have only used my battery system with the Puritan, and currently I am not using any of the inverter's AC plugs. I have a Furutech AC plug attached to the terminal block on the battery, and the Puritan connects to that.

Given my repeated months of using these battery systems--Eco Flow and Goal Zero along with the Puritan--versus plugging into the wall, the sonics are better in just the kind of way one would infer if there was less noise. Can I measurably prove this at this time? No, but my ears are not lying to me.

Note also that LifePo4 batteries, an inverter and a charger is exactly what is in the Stromtank. I have seen pictures of their internals and can identify the batteries and the inverter, and the brand of inverter. But I don't think the Stromtank has any filtering inside it such that the Puritan provides. Of course I could be wrong and don't wish to diss or disparage the 'Tank as I have never heard it.


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Jun 7, 2017
I have a ( last one in this series ) RADA Precious One coming in October for a client. He has had some things come up and may be willing to pass it along if there is interest from a N.A buyer. Just an fyi.

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