Rating the major Hollywood movie studios on their 4K Blu-ray releases for our home entertainment ...


Feb 8, 2011
Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada

4K UHD Blu-ray has been with us for over two years now, it's the new wave with high dynamic range picture (HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, Dolby Vision) and 3D elevated immersive audio with speakers on/in the ceiling or sound bouncing from the ceiling (Dolby Atmos & DTS:X).

They killed 3D real good. Not only you won't find 3D TVs (maybe one or two), but 3D Blu-ray in North America is dead too.

Me, I'm slow adapting, real slow. My 4K movie collection is less than 100, that's about 10%+ over my 3D library.

All my life I've been keeping up with the world. And I will do 'dat' too even when dead. ...Meaning I'm just human living on planet Earth, on the American continent, near the upper part, in Canada where we still have trees and steel and fishes and gas and oil and snow.
I'm not a movie and music addict. I'm just me loving black, white and all the colors from the rainbow and the birds songs.

I started buying catalog movie titles in 4K Blu-ray, reading expert opinions, adjusting my screen, watching movies I know under the new 4K light. I can already see with my own eyes and ears which Hollywood movie studios put the love, time, passion and dedication to their 4K BR discs, new and old.

In my own estimation, it will take five to ten years till we get there in full developed 4K HDR technology.
In the interim 8K will gain momentum and 3D might come back by the year 2021, approximately.

The article above was just published yesterday; it is interesting because it is part of today's subject of passionate discussions on web sites of my interest, definitely.
I'm not a movie and music addict but I sure have a love interest in the creative art of movie and music magic, with all today's latest technological advancements and towards tomorrow.

Anyone here who plays chess? ...Anticipating your opponent next moves is a vision of strategic advantages. But it's way more complex than that, than simplicity. Anyone familiar with chess and the grand masters, the best rated in the world, knows the tribulations of being the world's best chess player.
That's all they do, play and study chess moves.

I am a chess player, I am not a movie and music addict. I am into beautiful music in high resolution and invigorating movies in ultra high definition...4K. I am into the creative arts, and movie and music critics, and music and movie reproduction.

They killed 3D real good in order to push 4K real good. It's evolution, it's business, it's Hollywood movie industry in our theaters and @ home, it's UHD, it's Dolby, it's Sony Pictures, it's Disney, it's Universal studios, it's Paramount, ...

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