Roon card for 1611F and N31


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May 9, 2015
At Kyomi Audio, we are among the very first users of the newly designed Roon card for MBL DACs by Jürgen Reis. All we can say is wow!! It took Jürgen a long time to develop and he made something truly spectacular. He personally told me that he galvanically isolated everything that he possible could to make it sound at least as good as the venerable 1621A transport connected to 1611F via AES/EBU. Well, he succeeded. At 24/96 maximum resolution, 1611F is now reborn and destroys almost anything our there with "higher" resolution and newer formats.

We use the Gigafoil V4 ethernet filter with every network based unit in our showroom. It never fails to improve all the aspects of sound. When we tried to use it with MBL Roon card, it actually degraded the fidelity which means that all the filtering that it offers has already been implemented by Jürgen. We simply couldn't believe what we were hearing.

All the above applies to the Noble N31 CD/DAC and it can do 192/24 and DSD.

Once again, Jürgen Reis proved to be one of the world's greatest audio designers - someone who can pretty much do it all.
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