Rossini + A5 + ? == “living inside HD800 headphones playing Kraftwerk through Bartok HP”


Oct 16, 2021
I started another thread re new system but didn’t really specify exactly what I want to achieve. Already have the Rossini + clock and ordered the A5 so that’s set in stone along with wires.

What I want is to feel like my room is a big pair of HD800 headphone. The only music I care about is electronic like Kraftwerk. I do listen to most genres but Kraftwerk via Bartok + HD800 did something extremely exciting to my brain that’s difficult to explain. Only reason I’m upgrading to to be able to reproduce that experience on a grander scale. Problem is I don’t know why this combo sounds so good to me. Something about the speed and precision from the attack of each note.

Ive never heard A5 but bought based on understanding it is extremely “fast” and revealing.

What brand/model/quality of sound am I looking for to make this happen. Unfortunately I’m not an experienced audiophile and don’t understand the vocabulary well enough to ask the right questions. Any help is appreciated.


Mar 20, 2021
I’m listening to Kraftwerk for the first time now on my system (Trans-Europe Express, The Robots, Europe Endless). I have listened to my dealer’s Magico A3 too (and Magico S5, S5 Mk II, S3 Mk II in the past at other stores). I’m sure Magico A5 should give you what you’re looking for in speakers, compared to the older Naim speakers that you currently have (whatever model they are). You can probably start driving the Magico with Naim amplification first and see if you like it. I think Magico speakers are in another class of speakers compared to Naim speakers.

I’m sure you’ll appreciate the speed and precision of the A5 (which I haven’t heard). To me, the main unknown is the bass frequency response you’ll get because that is always dependent on the interaction of the room and the speakers and most importantly your current seating position in the room. But I don’t recall Naim ever making any big speakers with big bass so I suspect you’ll still get more bass from the Magico A5. The A5 will also probably have more bass than you’re used to from the HD800.

My dealer doesn’t have the APod on the A3’s. I do wonder if you’ll get even more of that oomph from Kraftwerk is you’re to get the APod with the A5’s.

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