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Scott Borduin is a degreed Mechanical Engineer, but developed a passion for programming in graduate school. He has spent his entire professional career in the software industry, as a support engineer, software engineer, entrepreneur, and eventually Chief Technology Officer of Autodesk, Inc through 2005. As a CTO, Scott learned to make technology relevant to less technical audiences such as customers, sales people, business strategists, and financial analysts by using story, metaphor, and analogy. He hopes to use those tools to stimulate interest and passion from the experts and non-experts alike on this forum. Discussions will range from the history and basic elements of programming, through general software-related topics like user interface and bugs, all the way to much more meta topics like software's place in innovation and the modern economy.

Amir Majidimehr has BS in Electrical Engineering and has been in technology field for more than 30 years, culminating in running the digital media division at Microsoft as Corp VP (before retiring to start smaller companies in 2007). He loves any and all technology related to computers and audio/video, in addition to related disciplines such as marketing and business development. His passion now is to explain what he has spent a career learning, bringing complex topics down to understandable levels for anyone. He is assisting Scott with this forum.
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