Serafino Tradition to Amati


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Feb 17, 2019
Has anyone made this move?
If you own Amati Tradition did you compare to Serafino initially? I’m thinking my room can accommodate bigger speaker and I’m seriously considering taking a loss on Serafinos and moving up the Tradition line.



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Jul 22, 2019
Phoenix, Az
I have the SF Amati Tradition Homage speakers driven by a Raven Integrated Reflection MK2 tube amp. All of my music is streamed through my Lumin X1. I can tell you that when I made my decision, I compared them side by side to the Wilson Alexia 1's. I thought the SF's blew them away. IMO there was no question. I am super happy with the performance of the Amati Tradition Homage speakers. I did hear the Serafino at the same audio store. I have a larger room so that is why I went the direction I did. The sad news is that I just sold my house and the buyer demanded my two channel system. The good news is I get to start all over. By the way, the Lumin X1 is an awesome DAC /Streamer.

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